The most common requests

The philosophy behind the workshop allows us to work on several types of projects, handle a project in its entirety with all that it entails (production of the product itself, as well as packaging and promotional material for example), and to develop experimental projects that require disparate processes and materials.

The following are just an example of what we spend most of our time on, but anyhow, if you have something in mind and don’t see it here it doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t do it. Reach out and we’ll do our best to help you out.

  • Art production
  • Framing & exhibition carpentry
  • Product prototyping & manufacturing
  • Landscape & architecture model making
  • Stationary & Sign making
  • Custom wood/metal furniture

Our in-house processes

  • Interaction electronics & programming
  • Laser cutting & engraving
  • CNC router for cutting & 3D engraving
  • Metal and plastic turning
  • General wood carpentry
  • General metal fabrication
  • Sandblasting
  • TIG welding
  • Vinyl cutting & heat pressing
  • Ceramic casting and firing
  • Vacuum & Pressure casting
  • Acrylic bending
  • CNC Plasma cutting
  • Metal milling
  • Letterpress prints
  • Photo studio
  • Metal bending
  • 3D printing
  • Engraving press
  • Vacuum forming
  • Spray booth for finishing
  • Powder coating
  • CNC Metal milling