Berlin Fashion Week

Client: Audi
Venue: Seek @ Arena Berlin

Anouk Wipprecht’s 3D-printed fashion collection for Audi, which was unveiled during Berlin Fashion Week, consisted of four dresses that integrate technology found within the German car brand’s new A4 saloon car.

While setting up the show, she needed some custom laser cut parts to make last-minute adjustments and trusted on our expertise and quick turnaround for getting the job done.

Bacardi 4

Client: Bacardi
Venue: STATION Berlin
Agency: SpotOn

For last year’s BCB convention, Bacardi requests having a four meters high number 4.

We designed and built the whole thing as a two-piece construction so it could be transported and stored easily. For that we created an interior structure CNC cut out of MDF, and then covered it on a laminate material with a rust-like texture.

Architecture model

Client: David Chipperfield
Agency: Gonzalez Modellbau

We’ve collaborated with David Chipperfield Architects a few times working on theirs high end wooden architectural models, from the 3d milling of the several meters large Elb Tower model to the fine assembly of the smaller one.

Contemporary clutches

Client: HVL
Designer: Janina Hegner

Janina came to us with her young brand HVL, looking for the right process to produce her clutches after trying 3d printing and testing casting. We helped her define the right material and process based on her goals, adjust the design for it, and then produced an initial batch of 100 pieces.

Made out of Corian plates, we CNC surfaced, drilled, milled and slotted it the main U shape, which later gets her logo laser engraved and sand-blasted and oiled for final finishing; while she did the leather and sewing work.

Cardboard sunglasses

Client: PappUp

PAPP UP is a fashion brand focused on glasses made out of cardboard. They first reached to us to do some simple laser cutting, though we ended up getting involved in quality control and product development; helping them improve the product and lower the manufacturing price.

We’ve seen PappUp grow, manufacturing thousands upon thousands of glasses for them along the way, until they reached the point where they were able to start doing their own production in-house.

Trade fair booth

Client: Strellson
Venue: STATION Berlin
Agency: SpotOn

Designed as a modular system by SpotOn, Strellson played with the idea of the Swiss cross that is part of their logo, and asked us to make a few tons (literally) of wall panels with custom CNC cut crosses, which would act as a hanging element as well as decoration.

To top it off, we did as well the signage for the main wall as well as a custom engraving on the coat hangers.


Client: Yunchul Kim
Venue: Edith Russ Haus, Oldenburg

Yunchul Kim is an electroacoustic music composer and artist based in Seoul, founder the Studio Locus Solus. His latest works focus on the artistic potential of fluid dynamics, metamaterials (photonic crystals) and especially on the context of magnetohydrodynamics… certainly not your average artist.

For his installation Effulge, which has received several awards and toured all around the world, we made some custom CNC brackets in POM and Aluminium for the containers that hold the material.

Vegan fashion

Client: Loveco

Loveco is a vegan fashion brand, which quickly has grown into a successful business. We met Christina, the founder, some time ago when she asked us to make signage for their new shop.

Since then, we’ve made a second sign for her and Loveco has expanded to three stores located in the main districts of Berlin.

Yes to all

Client: Minibau

Based in Madrid, Minibau is a young interior design studio.

For their latest project, we helped them with the production of a LED sign, cutting the acrylic letters that work as a carrier for the “LED neon”.

Architecture model

Client: David Chipperfield
Agency: Gonzalez Modellbau

David Chipperfield’s architectural models are the closest thing to a work of art, but they are also quite a bit of a puzzle to put together.

It’s because of that we’ve collaborated several times with Gonzalez Modellbau doing the assembly of their most delicate ones.

Drinks menu

Client: Rutte
Venue: STATION Berlin
Agency: SpotOn
Designer: Stohead

Rutte really cares about the natural feeling. To reflect that SpotOn reached to us to produce a couple of laser-engraved large wall menus on 2mm thick birch plywood, for the BCB stand they were planning.

We really enjoyed working with the drawings and lettering by Stohead on this project, plus the smell of the finished burned wood is just as great as a well made gin-tonic.

Sustainable lamps

Client: Werkow

For the design and prototyping of  Werkow‘s first lamp design, they turned to us to laser cut an array of shapes and discussing material properties, manufacturing processes, and other details to help them figured out the best combo of wood/cardboard/paper for their design.

Art vs design

Client: Aline Alagem

Once more, Aline Alagem came to us with an unusual project, requesting some wooden boards to act as carriers for her painting.

This time she asked as to cut the profile of a rocky mountain drawing into a large piece of wood, then divide it into four pieces, and assemble it as a room divider.

Burt Nieks

Client: Evelina Deicmane
Venue: Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

The main exhibition technician of Künstlerhaus Bethanien sent Evelina Deicmane in our way to try to solve some interactive needs for her new show: Burt Nieks, for which we developed from the design of the electronics to coding and implementation.

One of them was a resonance box similar to an acoustic guitar, utilizing some motors to strike the strings at different intervals. While the other was a large wooden triangle, balancing by the movement of an internal body of water, controlled by two small pumps.

Stainless art framing

Client: Aline Alagem

We’ve done a few different painting carriers for Aline Alagem over the years.

This one is the closest to a regular painting, but it comes with a twist: she asked to have a thick, heavy piece of wood, but at the same time edged with a thin strip of stainless steel to a sharp corner, absolutely flush to the wall and the painting; plus a french-cleat hanging system.

Architecture model

Client: Andreas Schwarz
Agency: Gonzalez Modellbau

Over the years, we have helped with the assembly of several architectural models for Andreas Schwarz Architects, building for them the initial competition models, as well as the more detailed exhibition models as they go through the different phases of the project.


Client: Riccardo Benassi
Venue: Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

Riccardo Benassi’s works are the result of an articulated assemblage of images, sounds, colors, texts, design objects, and diverse materials put together.

For his art show at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, we laser cut four sentences in 5mm thick black acrylic (and sandblasted to a satin finish), averaging 5 meters in length each one.

Architecture model

Client: Planorama

We’ve done several competition models for Planorama, a landscape architecture firm based in Berlin. This type of models are very particular since you receive a plaster model of about 1m2, where you have to carve out the intervention areas and build the new landscape and architecture with seamless integration.

We are proud that they’ve won several prizes with our models.

Shadow Writing

Client: Lorenzo Sandoval
Venue: Schwartzsche Villa, Berlin

Lorenzo Sandoval is a Spanish artist based in Berlin. He got a grant for the production of his latest project Shadow writing, and he turned to us to do some detailed 3D milling in soft foam blocks.

Contemporary art

Client: Iza Tarasewicz

Iza Tarasewicz’s is a Polish artist who came to us with an idea to produce an accordion-shaped sculpture several meters long. We helped her come up with a functional design, and laser cut all the components for her.

Much respect for her thorough work putting all the pieces together, it certainly was a tedious repetitive task but the result is astonishing.

Paint vs sculpture

Client: Aline Alagem
Venue: Künstlerhaus Bethanien

This was the first project we did for Aline Alagem, who requested as to make a solid, mouth shaped, piece of wood… over 70cm long and 15cm thick.

We CNC cut several layers of material, glue them up, and sanded to a fine finish; applying a base coat on top of which she would finally paint her artwork.