Papp Up

Fashion, design, glasses, cardboard... Papp up!

PAPP UP is an experimental fashion brand founded by Cantemir Gheorghiu in 2010 focused on glasses made out of cardboard.

He first reached to us to do some simple laser cutting, though we ended up getting involved in quality control and product development; helping him better shape his product and lower the manufacturing price.

We showed him alternative ways to engrave his logo in the glasses, helped him to find a better approach for the hinge and nose pads functionality, and overall improved and expedited the production process… since better&faster means cheaper for the end customer.

We’ve seen Cantemir’s project grow and manufactured thousands upon thousands of glasses for him along the way, until he reached the point where he was able to start doing his own production in-house.
It’s a fantastic bittersweet feeling watching this kind of ventures take off and go on by themselves.

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