You bring the idea, we bring the skills

(but the tools too)

You bring the ideawe bring the skills

(but the tools too)

We excel at understanding the story surrounding your project and the needs behind those ideas. Rather than specializing in one single task and taking volume orders, we combine a plethora of seemly unrelated skills and tools to be able to work a project in full.

In our shop, you can find a CNC laser-plasma-mill cutter side to side to a sandblasting cabinet, a ceramic kiln and a Heidelberg letterpress to name a few, along with all the necessary for metal and wood carpentry. We move from process to process all in-house, without long turnaround times and without costly miscommunications. When we deliver your project, we strive for your first word to be: Awesome!

Hand on hand

From mentoring since the conception of the idea to the actual production, all under a single roof, we’ll work with you through and through. What you do matters and deserves the utmost respect, we aim to make you something you’ll cherish forever, but also teach you how to make it yourself.

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Production on demand

We regularly work for advertisement agencies, event producers and design studios to manufacture custom projects for global brands: CNC work for fairs and event booths, laser/sandblasted engravings on glass, high-end letterpress stationary, custom furniture for opening new locations…

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